SQL Server Reporting Services


  • Business Intelligence
  • Report Designer
  • Report Builder
  • Infrastructure
  • Report Manager
  • Sharepoint integration
  • License, product versions
  • SQL Server Configuration manager
  • SQL Agent
  • The Report Databases
  • Installation
  • Report Server Configuration Manager

Basic Reports

  • Report Wizard
  • Report with wizard
  • Drill down report
  • Matrix
  • Parameters
  • List reports


  • Charts
  • 3D Pie chart;
  • 3D Stacked Column chart, setting Legend
  • DigitalDashboard - Radial gauge
  • DigitalDashboard - Linear Gauge)
  • Working with images. External Image; embedded image; showing database BLOBs

Advanced Reporting

  • Creating a Template
  • Drilldown
  • Totalling, Toggling, Hiding
  • Multiple columns
  • Cascading Parameters.
  • Switch statement, dynamic columns.
  • RDL, XML
  • Use parameters in a label; Multiline headers and footers;
  • Subreports Rich formatting, Rectangle grouping
  • Subreport in table; drilldown using subrpt.
  • Drilldown to move to other report; document map; bookmarks; urls to internet.
  • Chart in tablix, autorefresh, multivalued with parameter.
  • Exporting reports to rendering formats

.NET Programming for Reports

  • Visual Basic Expressions; scope in aggregates.
  • Calculate values in Textbox; add static columns to matrix; add totals;
  • Use IIF in a query to create dynamic query;
  • Add embedded VB.NET Code
  • Referencing .NET Assembly that calls a web service; multivalued parameters

Report Manager

  • Push or pull deployment
  • Folders, moving reports
  • Printing
  • Security: Roles, users
  • Linked reports
  • Caching
  • Execution Snapshots
  • History
  • Subscriptions

Using reports in applications

  • Embed reports in ASP.NET pages
  • Set datasource in code
  • Access through URL
  • The reporting Web service
  • The Report Viewer Control for win or web applications
  • Sharepoint Integration

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